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Other Resources


The Carnivorous Plant FAQ: Perhaps the best all-around online resource for everything carnivorous plants. Comprehensive care instructions ranging from basic to advanced, along with scientific and conservation information. 

International Carnivorous Plant SocietyThe ICPS has a collection of great articles on many aspects of cultivation, with specific grow guides tailored to individual species. 

Sarracenia Northwest Grow Guides: Basic information on carnivorous plant cultivation from Sarracenia Northwest. From basic to advanced cultivation guidelines, in addition to scientific information, this site from has all you need to know about Venus flytraps. 

The Sundew Grow Guides: Everything you could possibly want to know about sundews and how to grow them.



The Savage Garden, by Peter D'Amato: Considered by many to be the authoritative publication on carnivorous plant cultivation. The author is owner of California Carnivores, the largest carnivorous plant nursery in the United States. 

Growing Carnivorous Plants, by Barry Rice: Written by the author of The Carnivorous Plant FAQ, this book has detailed cultivation advice and stunning pictures. 

Insect Eaters, by Adrian Slack: This book by Adrian Slack, a renowned expert on carnivorous plants, has detailed cultivation guidelines and is a supplement to Slack's more scientific work and descriptive work, Carnivorous Plants. 

Carnivorous Plants, by Adrian Slack: A classic, detailed resource on carnivorous plants, although without much cultivation advice. 

Redfern Natural History Productions Books, by Stewart McPhersonPerhaps best reserved for the true carnivorous plant fanatic, any of these books feature stunning photographs taken from field expeditions and exceptionally detailed historic and scientific information. 

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