Seventh MACPS Meeting

Seventh Meeting Schedule.png

11 am - 5 pm on Sunday, April 7, 2019 at the University of Pennsylvania

Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter (LRSM), 3231 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19104

Our seventh meeting was co-sponsored by the NSF Science and Technology Center for Engineering MechanoBiology - thank you to them for hosting! We were delighted to hear a talk by Stephen Williams, professor emeritus of biology at Lebanon Valley College and an internationally-known expert on carnivorous plants who significantly advanced understanding of how carnivorous plants capture prey, who showed us that the name Venus "flytrap" is really a misnomer. We were also honored to have a workshop given by Guy Genin, co-director of the NSF Science and Technology Center for Engineering MechanoBiology at Washington University in St. Louis, who flew from his recent visit to China to show us the electrophysiology behind Venus flytrap closure and demonstrate, live, the action potential generated! After our plant auction, many of us headed to the nearby Bartram's Garden for a tour of the grounds. We learned about John Bartram's connection to early carnivorous plant discoveries and saw the collection of carnivorous plants maintained at the garden. Thanks to everyone who attended this informative, busy, and exciting day!

Photo credits to James McGonigle, Christine Keys, and Sheila Garl.