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Fourth MACPS Meeting

Fourth MACPS Meeting Schedule.png

11 am - 5 pm on Saturday, May 19, 2018 at Aquascapes Unlimited

5542 Townshipline Road, Pipersville, PA 18947

Aquascapes Unlimited is a major wholesale nursery of aquatic plants and carnivorous plants, and we were delighted that they hosted us for our fourth meeting. Thank you to them as well for providing a delicious barbecue lunch. ​We heard from Aquascapes Unlimited owner, Randy Heffner, who discussed Sarracenia hybridization and the work that goes into the growing of all the plants here. We also enjoyed a guided tour of the grounds, which truly go on forever! We were honored to hear a talk from Aaron Ellison, a senior research fellow at Harvard Forest and adjunct research professor at the University of Massachusetts, who recently published a book titled Carnivorous Plants: Physiology, Ecology, and Evolution, which highlights much of the latest scientific research on carnivorous plants. Thank you to everyone who attended!


Gorgeous indoor carnivorous plant display


Guided tour of Aquascapes


Guided tour of Aquascapes


Guided tour of Aquascapes


Blooming Sarracenia outside of the greenhouse


Guided tour of Aquascapes


Sarracenia flower at Aquascapes


Guided tour of Aquascapes


Sarracenia flowers


Calopogon orchid blooming at Aquascapes


Guided tour of Aquascapes

Photo credits to Sheila Garl.

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