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Twelfth MACPS Meeting

1 pm - 3 pm on Saturday, January 23, 2021



MACPS had a wonderful 12th meeting featuring Dr. Tanya Renner, an assistant professor of entomology at Penn State and a member of the Center for Parasitic and Carnivorous Plants, as the keynote speaker. In addition to Dr. Renner's talk, the schedule also featured a Q&A/discussion session on carnivorous plants, a presentation by Alvin Liu on his newly published book (Drosera of the New Jersey Pinelands) coauthored with Daniel DiPietro, and a showcase of carnivorous plant photos. These photos came from our first MACPS New Year Photo Contest, in which two winners received a prize of six Sarracenia rhizomes, courtesy of Carnivorous Plant Nursery.

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