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Mid-Atlantic Carnivorous Plant Society

Upcoming Events

Canceled/Move to Virtual - 10th MACPS Meeting

The MACPS board has been discussing the March 21 meeting over the past few days and are disappointed to report our decision to cancel the in-person meeting in light of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation. The healthy and safety of our members is our top priority. Announcements from the CDC, WHO, and other government organizations as well as the cancellation of numerous institutional and university events has indicated the clear need to cancel our meeting, which would bring members from across state lines. We understand that some of you may have already made travel plans, and we apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. We are looking into ways to move our meeting agenda online. Updates will be posted on our website as plans formalzie. 

11 am-4 pm, Saturday, March 21, 2020

North Museum of Nature and Science

400 College Ave, Lancaster, PA 17603

We are delighted to announce that our first meeting of 2020 and our 10th meeting overall will be hosted at the North Museum of Nature and Science in Lancaster, PA! As is typical with our meetings, we will start with a Q&A panel discussion on carnivorous plants and end with a plant auction. We are delighted to have Jayme Allgair give us a demonstration of how to build a carnivorous plant terrarium! Lunch will be provided at the beginning of our meeting and has generously been sponsored by the Carnivorous Plant Nursery in Smithsburg, MD.

Paid members are invited to sell plants in the auction. 50% of proceeds go to MACPS to cover meeting costs and field trip subsidies. Anyone is welcome to donate plants to the auction. We strongly encourage you to preregister plants below, which will streamline meeting setup and enable members to see the plants available.

About Us

Founded in January 2017, MACPS is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting scientific knowledge, education, and general awareness of carnivorous plants and their cultivation. We hold four meetings a year throughout PA, MD, VA, WV, DE, NJ, NY, and Washington, D.C., and also go on field trips and exchange cultivation advice that is uniquely suited for this region. 

Our meetings are open to everyone! They feature lunch, a moderated Q&A on carnivorous plant cultivation, talks, workshops, and a plant auction. You are always encouraged to bring plants to display and auction.


MACPS is generously sponsored in part by the Carnivorous Plant Nursery, based in Smithsburg, MD. We thank Michael Szesze and his nursery for hosting meetings, sponsoring lunches, and supporting this society in many other ways. 

Some of the images on this page are used by permission of sarracenia.com